Pianos and Spruce Wood

The strength, flexibility, and lightweight nature of European Alpine spruce wood makes it a highly regarded material. Spruce from this region has longer wood fibers than other types of trees, giving it exceptional resonance, stable dimensions, and great adhesion between fibers and making it a popular choice for high-quality instruments with deep, stunning resonance.

Willis & Co rigorously selects materials and only natural forest-grown wood with evenly-dispersed age rings, rich texture, and a healthy appearance is used. The surface of the wood is then dried, waxed, glazed, polished, and treated with various other processes, all of which are carefully monitored to ensure that only the most perfect wood materials are integrated into our pianos.

Selection of wood materials and parts

Willis & Co combines inherited tradition and modern high-end technology with high-quality wood materials and parts to bring customers beautiful, valuable pianos that produce smooth, warm tones and feel natural and comfortable to play.

Rigorous manufacturing philosophy

Willis & Co has always been dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products. Performers can deeply feel the level of detail and care that went into every piano, and they highly respect the company’s artistic standards. The impeccable excellence of Willis & Co pianos can be felt in the homes of customers tens of thousands of kilometres away.

Unique artistic style

All of the value and luxuriousness that we put in our products ensures that each piano brings forth a unique artistic style that captures the hearts of piano owners and fills them with the unique giddy feeling that music brings to the soul.

No amount of description can do justice to the beauty and elegance of Willis & Co pianos.

In conclusion, Willis & Co is happy to share our lofty artistic ideals and aspirations with you.